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Shotokan JKA Tiny Tigers winning trophies in karate competitions
Shotokan JKA Academy clkub competition winner
Tiny Tiger winning shotokan karate competition
Shotokan children's competition winner holding his trophy

Unforgettable experiences

 Welcome to the Shotokan Karate JKA Academy Site 
Learning Shotokan JKA Karate at our Academy can be a very rewarding experience, because we focus on yo your all-round development of the body and mind & rich in philosophy.
Our Karate lessons will help you to improve your fitness, & health, master practical striking of offense & defense, and over a period of time enable you to take care of yourself if faced with rela life combat or self-defence situations.
Learning karate at a reputable karate school from a seasoned veteran skilled sensei has no parallels, and that is e
xactly what you get at the Shotokan Karate JKA  Academy. 
Since its founding in 1979,by Sham Aktar sensei, its chief instructor, who has been a direct student of some of the leading second generation JKA karate masters for over 4 decades. Shotokan Karate JKA Black Belt  Academy has become the home of great Shotokan JKA Karate Black Belts in Luton & Watford of UK. Shotokan Karate JKA Academy is is one of the top-rated Karate Schools in the UK, with several programs for Kids from 5 years upwards and Adults & competitive Karate practitioners. It has received many awards & national & international recognition in the media with King Charles (then HRH Prince Charles) visiting the School in 2006 to see its award-winning incredible Karate programs which benefit the whole community, Adults as well as Children. The Shotokan Karate JKA Academy is affiliated with Sensei Masao Kawasoe 8th Dan JKAWF in UK, and helps build up Self-Confidence, Self-Discipline, Self-Awareness, and many other positive traits of great Karate Black Belts towards Black Belt Excellence.
All our Qualified Instructors & coaches are DBS approved too, so you or your child can learn in a safe, nuturing & caring environment.
  Every Karate technique and movements taught in our classes have been thoroughly researched by the karate experts of Japan Karate Association (JKA), & based on solid,scientific
 & best modern physical movement theories. The result speaks for itself:  Our JKA karate is the most powerful, solid, stable, and smooth flowing martial art; this has proven itself time & time again for our students in Karate competitions  & also in their self-defence experiences. 
    The unique & positive benefits of our  Shotokan JKA Karate Classes on your mind and body are unlike any other sport, as it was primarily developed to preserve good health of the body & mind and at the core of our training, the emphasis is on positive personal  self-development of the individual through learn how to gain super self-confidence and get in great shape, learning an ultimate art of self-defence in the process whatever your age. The positive training experiences in all areas of your life that you gain from our classes, like hundreds of our former students have already found & verified, will be like no other, & truly amazing Guaranteed !!.
we have limited spaces for dedicated students who wish to dedicate & improve their mind & body to the ultimate limit through shotokan karate....Call now & book your FREE first trial session to get started !!.
Call FREE : 0800 999 1959   Or  07956 553417 

photo of volcano erupting showing the importance of developing a true spirit of karate .
His majesty King Charles at the Shotokan JKA Academy in 2006
karate near me
Sham Aktar performing a jumping defence against a punch and counter attacking with a jumping strike.

  Shotokan JKA Academy,Established over 40 years ago, has appeared in many local martial arts & karate magazines in the padt and was listed  as one of the Top 10 Traditional Martial arts Karate school in the UK for over 4 decades !!.. Also His Majesty King Charles III (then HRH Prince of Wales) paid a visit to see our Karate Academy & our amazing work, in particular with Children and their self-discipline development  at the Shotokan Karate JKA  Academy in 2006,  He described it as " One of the best Karate Schools that he has seen".  He was also very happy to see that our karate school promotes respect, character building, and self-development alongside its amazing self-defence, which is a very important aspect in modern society "...that is because our karate classes will not only develop your self-defence capacity but also your physical, mental, emotional, & spiritual capacities to their limit and will accelerate your learning capability & progression in all areas of your life.He thought it was a great investment for the parents to enroll their kids to learn all these aspects of life-skills so important for young people in our modern living.
 If you wish to develop your Mind & Body through our dedicated Karate training give us a call now !!.
 Call Free: 0800 999 1959  OR  07956 553417.


Junior members winning trophies after competition
Our children smiling after winning trophies in their karate competition


Our Karate teaches Kids Everything They Need to Know About Self-Defence, Fitness, Confidence, and the Self-Discipline, Stop Bullying, & Skills that Help Create Future Success in their Life .
As Parents you will notice BIG changes in your kids FAST.. we teach our kids these skills for success :

  • Focus & Concentration

  • Confidence & Courage

  • Setting &  Achieving Goals & Targets

  • Discipline

  • Practical Karate Self-Protection Skills

  • Bully Proof, techniques to stop a Bully & get Black Belt Confidence.

Our  Kids Classes will help you raise healthy,happy,& confident children who reach their full potential through mastering Shotokan Karate JKA  martial arts as a fun activity with Self-Discipline,Self-Confidence, Self-Defence, & Stop Bullying plus much more..we teach the Kids skills & opportunities to keep them engage & occupied positively with our Karate and fitness oriented Black Belt excellence program.   All our professional qualified Karate instructors & Coaches are also DBS Verified and Child Protection Certified.

      ...  Read More 

karate near me
karate near me
karate near me
Our kids in tarining practice
Kids loving their training
Kids using  punching bag equipment to enhance their training
Happy children after competing in competition karate.
shotokan jka members after winning their  UK JKA competition, with theor certificates.
Shotokan JKA Academy Club competition winners.
Happy Kids showing their won trophies.
Our Kids Karate Classes Video

Our Kids Karate Classes Video


 OUR  TEENS & ADULT KARATE CLASSES... 14 yrs - 90 yrs   


Do you want to challenge yourself to the next level and learn a fascinating, yet most powerful way of JKA Karate punching, kicking , striking and blocking for Self-Defence alongside your fitness and flexibility training ?...


...OUR ADULT-KARATE/SAFETY (14 YEARS & OLDER) will keep you young looking too...

Our Shotokan Karate is great for improving physical fitness, meeting new people and building self-confidence as well as releasing tension and developing cardiovascular fitness. The self-defense skills learned through our karate are invaluable if ever confronted with a dangerous situation that may involve you or a loved one. The class is a must for the single parent wishing to protect themselves and family.  

   Try our exciting,injury free, and safe  Adult/Teens Karate Classes for above 14 yrs of age ,that give you the important ability to gain self-confidence, whilst improving your personal safety and physical, mental,emotional,and social capacities. They also help to Increase your  fitness & strength,Improve your flexibility, sharpen awareness & alertness,give you better focus,help reduce stress in life & increase your self-confidence..whatever your age or current fitness level. you will learn one of the most powerful Karate styles, JKA Shotokan. Practical, effective Shotokan JKA Karate, Punchines, Kicks, Strikes, & Blocking skills for Self-Defence of the best original &  legendary renowned JKA karate masters in a professional and  safe way., by Sham Aktar & his coaching team. We offer classes for special beginner Adults as well as advanced grades from Brown to Black Belt and beyond & cover all aspects of Shotokan JKA Karate, from Self-Discipline & Basics, to Advanced Level Sparring and Kata: The  Shotokan JKA Karate Academy has applied sports-science and body mechanics to gain max efficiency in techniques, resulting in a refined and effective JKA Self-Defence karate style. It places equal importance to Kihon (Basics), Kata (Forms) & Kumite (Sparring) to develop a range of powerful, dynamic, & effective karate techniques ideal for Self-Defence.    


" Karate is not a great sport only, but a martial art of Self-Defence. The aim of practise is to harmonise both mind & body in balance, strength, perseverance & patience, for total confidence and self mastery "   Japan Karate Association ( JKA )

Our Karate should foster strong individuals with noble hearts , courage, and sense of justice. More than anything our classes are a means for Adults to become aware of their true self, improving & polishing their character, and develop their various abilities & skills, to become a good member of society and a good citizen. As the ultimate goal of our karate instruction for Adults is to bring about world peace, by producing so many people with mericful hearts, courage, and sense of justice....  Read More ...

Limited Spaces available for committed & dedicated new Adult members !!..

Call FREE to book your first FREE Trial lesson..0800 999 1959 Or 07956 553417

Nakayama & Nishiyama sensei showing karate self defence against multiple attackers
Shotokan JKA Academy soarring techniques being demonstarted in class by a girl.
Master Gigo funakoshi and master Egami practising karate techniques with each other in the early 50's !!.
karate near me
Kawasoe sensei demonstrating,performing inside middle level block
class practising semi-free sparring techniques
Image by Thao Le Hoang
Gigo funakoshi and egami in practise circa 1950's
prearranged sparring demonstration
demonstration of karate techniques for self defence.
Application of Hean Nidan kata form
ladies performing the middle 
level  karate punch
demonstration of karate techniques for self defence